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Nationality: Zimbabwe
Email: peggieshangwa@gmail.com




CONSUL HARARE TOWN AREA 1- PEGGIE SHANGWA- Is a Christian writer, Senior Editor at Groove Magazine International, a regular in Local Magazine, The Voice, singer, speaker, Mc and spoken word artist who thrives on word passion and speaks her mind in connection with her spirit, laying down heart issues on any platform.SHANGWA collaborated with National Ballet and Rolx Dance Crew where all Opened for Grammy nominated artist Da’TRUTH at his Love, Hope and War tour Africa 2012, Performed with Dudu Manhenga Muparutsa, Call to Worship Africa, Vera, Carlo Music and Masa, did a collaboration Poetry duet with So Profound and Brad. Shared The stage with Deanna Rodgers a poet from the States, Francesca Beard award winning writer And poet, Nova from SA and Black Anakin. Has also enjoyed working with Corporates, writing and performing pieces for MBCA Bank, Trust Africa, Green World, The Zimbabwe British Council and The National Ballet.


CONSUL HARARE TOWN AREA 1-PEGGIE SHANGWA-es un escritor cristiano, editor senior en Groove Magazine internacional, un regular en la revista local, la voz, cantante, orador, MC y artista de palabra hablada que prospera en la palabra pasión y habla su mente en relación con su Espíritu, estableciendo problemas cardíacos en cualquier plataforma. SHANGWA colaboró con el Ballet Nacional y el equipo de danza Rolx donde todos abrieron para el artista nominado al Grammy Da'TRUTH en su gira de amor, esperanza y guerra Africa 2012, interpretada con Dudu Manhenga Muparutsa, Call to Worship Africa, Vera, Carlo música y masa, hizo un colaboración dúo de poesía con tan profundo y Brad. Compartió el escenario con Deanna Rodgers un poeta de los Estados, escritor y poeta ganador del Premio Francesca Beard, Nova de SA y Black Anakin. También ha disfrutado trabajando con corporaciones, escribiendo y realizando piezas para el Banco MBCA, Trust Africa, el mundo verde, el Consejo Británico de Zimbabwe y el Ballet Nacional.


You are Fierce!


When you put your mind to it, You are STRONG

Firmness and stable....worry not

You are in my hand an art piece Engraved

You will displace Kingdoms

I wish your mind would let you in on a little secret

You are Fierce!


Substance and Fire, You are a force to reckon with

That’s why blending in will never work

You feel uncomfortable; sometimes you interpret it as Rejection

Oh you have no idea, You are Fierce!

Greatness building up pressure an Edifice


People are not prepared for what you are

Your difference upsets and confuses them

So they try and sideline you

Call you eccentric or sometimes schizophrenic

Your mind does tangents and curves that the average

Mind cannot decipher

Your conversation picks ideologies apart

Breaks down mysteries, philosophies are solved like basic equations

They sit with you and change the subject constantly because they have trouble

Keeping up

You are people of Impact and Influence

I will give you divine strategies to Advance and take Dominion

You are fierce


He opened up the Vaults of heaven and specifically picked

Up one revolutionary idea and placed it in your hands

Weapons and tactics for mass destruction

You will advance the Kingdom and take Territories

You will plunder the enemy wherever you go


It bugs me that you are wasting time consulting

Everything we can see, feel and touch started off as an idea

Bill Gates has one of those; the Wright brothers oh hey let me

Bring it home Enhanced Communication Network (ECONET)

Used to be one of those

You are Force, You are FIERCE!


Beloved better believe it

Your ideas are God birthed

All you are was God engineered move into your place of assignment

Get ready to Divide and Scatter as you Wage War

He has given you power, Go in and possess

You are Force.


You are way ahead of the mass

You are science and discovery waiting to be explored

You channel discovery wherever you are because he has made you Kings and Priests

You motivate thought patterns and thinking strategies

Manufacture quality, weapons and Tactics

Influencing Communities

You are FIERCE!


Your words are bridges from people’s fears to their dreams

You inject Promise into the lives of those around you

You are WARRIOR, You have Vigour and Potency

The Harder the enemy comes against you the harder he will fall

You are FORCE; I need you to see this

You were born for such a time as this

You are FIERCE!

 Ideas are the airlines that catapult us into the air

Action is what steadies the flight

Get your faith linked to Clarity and focus

Destination Purpose, work hard and you will land safely

The Land I am taking you to is fertile

Beloved, You are fierce!


Copywright Peggie Shangwa 2014



Gone and Lost

He’s gone they said

A bullet ripped his shirt front

And he fell backwards

Sprawled out, diagonally, hexagonically

Recklessly singled out

All the way across the street the bullet

Went out of its way

Targeting him alone amongst the mass

Face up that’s how your son last saw the sun

He’s gone, your little boy is gone

Not a hero of victim of war so no honour

Crowns his death maybe pity or wreaths of flowers

At breath taken so early

Gone too soon

Your little boy is gone



Help me, help me

My girls are gone

My daughters were taken

Robbed from me, snatched away

I’ve been cut down, stripped

My heart twisted it bleeds, it bleeds

Even in the silence it screams

Bring back my girls

Help me, help me make sense of these


How in broad daylight we sit and watch our worlds collapse

These are not natural disasters

Someone do something

I sit, and I watch the road

Mind numbed by grief

Holding on to a shred of hope

That by some miracle somehow

I’d see a flicker of a dress

I will catch a glimpse of an afro there

And know with joy, with confidence

My girls are back

But alas


These are not natural disasters

These are not passing storms

These are marks, scars of men and women

Whose hearts have inhabited hell and become

All because someone else committed

A crime that they themselves will not pay for

Or be punished for

Now the world is no longer a safe place

For our little girls and little boys


2014© Copyright  reserved original document. This report is confidential and is the property of Peggie Shangwa in position of Umind?!  Zimbabwe.  It is intended only for use by the persons to whom it is transmitted and any reproduction or divulgence of any of its contents without the prior written consent of the owner is prohibited. 


Broken wings

She had wings once, was used to spreading them wide

And flying, soaring high over mounts and plains

Her world, a tapestry of good things knit together

Days recorded as good better or best

Starlit her face glowed under crystallite chandeliers put

Just so they hang pretty making up the piece by piece

Confection of a day made amongst the stars

The stuff of dreams coming together

He looks into her brown eyes and speaks so sweetly

She smiles melting into each word

I do, I have loved you since the first day I saw you

And I see myself loving you more as each day comes

Sthandwa Sami I love you

She had wings once

Before storms went violent in her world

Monsoons and winds going wild till they

Marooned her in deep darkness

Sending her hurtling through the sky

Landing awkwardly, bruised and wounded

Doesn’t he love her anymore?

His words are harsh, they fight incessantly

Her tears marr the window panes of her vision

Weather forecast is blurry

Family relations scream partly cloudy with signs of rain

Friends gone with the wind

The money tree dried out a long time ago

Whatever could go wrong has

And all that’s left is the pathway that pain

Has paved to her heart

Her wings are broken, she does not fly

All she sports now are the broken wings

But see, his eye is on the sparrow

He made her beautiful

Perfected all that concerned her

Gave the good but used the bad as a tool in his hands

To bandage and bind up broken hearts

Shattered spirits and festering wounds

She would have died if he hadn’t reached out and found her

The minute she stopped looking in

And trusted him by looking up

That in drawing closer she would encounter him

At his feet all her tears bottled up

Becoming a sacrifice worthy of war

 So from heaven he thundered smoke spewing from his nostrils


He rode on the clouds to the rescue

All infinity could not contain him

His wrath filled the surface of the deep

Questioned situations and dared the challenges in her life

To try his patience, beat down storms

 Dared the Nightmares in her life to try say boo

And caused the winds in her life to cease

All he said was peace be still

She had wings once

She has wings once more, spreads them tentatively

Takes off and soars

Confidence growing with each height she scales

He kneels in front of her

The trickling of tears down his cheeks

The gentle reminder that she loves this man

And in forgiveness her world is returned to sanity

Letting go she closes her eyes

And she soars higher, and higher and higher

But for the scars

 You would never know of her broken wings



By Umind?!

2014 © Copyright


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