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Nationality: Zimbabwe



CONSUL CHITUNGWIZA TOWN AREA 2. LINGIWE PATIENCE GUMBO is a singer-songwriter, writer of poems and motivational literature. Her pieces are inspired by life, love and her faith in God and so far she has an album (Worthy of all my praise -2017) and a single (Arise Beloved Zimbabwe). The last born in a family of 7, her passion for writing began in Gweru, her hometown in 1999. A holder of a Diploma in Administration and Secretarial studies, she is a full time housewife, married to Gerald Gumbo and they stay at their home in Chitungwiza with their two small children. She also enjoys spending time with young people as she imparts the knowledge she has acquired through her life lessons and experiences.


ÁREA DE LA CIUDAD DEL CÓNSUL CHITUNGWIZA 2. La paciencia de LINGIWE GUMBO es un cantante-compositor, escritor de poemas y literatura motivacional. Sus piezas están inspiradas por la vida, el amor y su fe en Dios y hasta ahora tiene un álbum (digno de todos mis elogios-2017) y un solo (Arise amado Zimbabwe). El último nacido en una familia de 7, su pasión por la escritura comenzó en Gweru, su ciudad natal en 1999. Titular de un diploma en administración y estudios secretariales, es una ama de casa de tiempo completo, casada con Gerald gumbo y se quedan en su hogar en Chitungwiza con sus dos hijos pequeños. También le gusta pasar tiempo con los jóvenes, ya que imparte el conocimiento que ha adquirido a través de sus lecciones de vida y experiencias



Your former glory Zimbabwe, I remember
The magnificent scenery;
I remember, I will not forget and yes I do miss the moments
I remember the breath of fresh air,
The vast forests filled, with the fierce beasts of the earth, our own garden of Eden.
Green spacious fields,
Fields filled with mealies in season.
October rains drenching lovers waltzing home, hand in hand
Children’s laughter
A manifestation of peace
Of jubilation
A dwelling for love;
For merriment

For rest
For peace
Zimbabwe you were;
The home of all precious stones, gems of great value.
The biblical land flowing of honey and cream
And white storks feasting besides the fattened cows
You beloved,
Resembling the pearly gates of heaven
Of abundance
Of plenty

Your present state
Zimbabwe, beloved
I see;
A picture,
Nothing like the former
Like someone moved about their eraser
Leaving a resemblance of what used to be

A picture of a smile where no laughter resides
What is happening to you?
What has become of you?
You know you carry the greatest of treasures
Oh what has become of you
My beloved House of Stone?
Yes I know and you must know also
Yes take heart beloved, for
Weeping may endure for a night
But joy comes in the morning
This which you have witnessed here and now
It will not break you, Zimbabwe
You shall break through it
As the finest of gold
You are in your greatest trials
The lack and chaos and confusion and tribulations
The sickness and deaths and inhuman conditions
The corruption and disobedient generation

The anger and paid and frustration
Are getting worse and worse
But are still yes tests
To prepare you for that which is to follow
Yes, It will be good
Yes but if and only if we choose to do the right thing
In unity
In peace
In our love
And kindness towards one another
But our downfall
If we choose not to
So Arise beloved
Now is the time
Arise Zimbabwe

I see a light
At the end of the tunnel
Your future awaits
The brightest most magnificent
The world is waiting patiently
For you to arise and lift it to its feet
You are great
They shall come far and wide
To see you;
To see your glory
To see your achievements,
To see your victory
Your better glory awaits
As it returns, to its new glory
A new glorious nature
Much greater than the former
It’s new refined condition;
Of peace

Of love unconditional
Of humility
Of plenty and adequacy for all
Of humanity
We shall walk at last, hand in hand
As brothers, of one mother.
No longer, will your father’s name
Be of much importance
But regards be given to the breast we all suckled
And the bread we broke together.
We shall see Zimbabwe
Bringing forth life
Giving light to all it touches.
Yes Zimbabwe of much value
One at last
Beloved House of stone
Great at last
Beloved Zimbabwe Arise at last and shine.

Arise O Zimbabwe
Look to your God,
He will show you the way
Arise O Zimbabwe
You will lead many
To the promised land

Arise and Shine O Zimbabwe
Simuka upenye O Zimbabwe
Phakama ukhanye O Zimbabwe
Arise Beloved Zimbabwe


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