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Nationality: Zimbabwe



CONSUL MIDLANDS PROVINCE- CHRISPAH MUNYORO- is  a graduate of Applied Art and Design, Graphics and Website Programming. at Kwekwe Polytechnic College in Zimbabwe . Munyoro is a talented writer, journalist and a dedicated Design Artist. She is natural linguist, fluent in many languages among them English, Shona, Esperanto, Setswana, Swahili, Italiana and Yoruba. She began as a columnist writing feature articles in the Gweru Times in Midlands Province Capital of Zimbabwe. She has worked as a Midlands Chapter Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Association of Freelance Journalists. Munyoro was once a Zimbabwe Representative at Zone IV Regional Youth Games in 2014 Bulawayo in the boxing discipline. The multi-disciplinary artist is registered under AIBA the international body of boxing. The Writer, Artist, Poet, Journalist and athlete has been writing poetry since her tender years and she has participated in various writers, poetry, journalism and sports.


Cónsul MIDLANDS provincia-CHRISPAH MUNYORO-es un graduado de arte aplicado y diseño, gráficos y programación de sitios Web. en el Colegio Politécnico Kwekwe en Zimbabwe. Munyoro es un talentoso escritor, periodista y un dedicado artista de diseño. Ella es lingüista natural, con fluidez en muchos idiomas entre ellos inglés, Shona, Esperanto, setswana, Swahili, italiana y Yoruba. Comenzó como columnista escribiendo artículos en el Gweru Times en la capital de la provincia de Midlands, Zimbabwe. Ha trabajado como Presidenta del capítulo de Midlands de la Asociación de periodistas independientes de Zimbabwe. Munyoro fue una vez un representante de Zimbabwe en la zona IV regional juegos juveniles en 2014 Bulawayo en la disciplina del boxeo. El artista multidisciplinar está registrado bajo AIBA el cuerpo internacional de boxeo. El escritor, artista, poeta, periodista y atleta ha estado escribiendo poesía desde sus años de tierna y ha participado en diversos escritores, poesía, periodismo y deportes.



Dark clouds ululating with windpipes and trumpets
The phenomenal pressure leaving the skies angry
Dust devils and thunderstorms poured from the sky
Stinging, destructing and devastating thunderstorms
Strong winds and ravishing tornadoes leaving grief
Atmospheric pressure flooded and seized people's homes
Serenity of nature robbed by economic downpours
Crops, homes and humanity washed away leaving laying waste
Lives lost and destroyed forever
Violent winds rotating national disasters
Lives in disarray ,perils and bleak
Irreplaceable damage which stole violently and without remorse Governments awestruck and confused
Communities swept away
Fundraising efforts and projects rancid
Restoration and healing to the trauma cyclone idai a question mark Death tows leaving hunger and thirst
Stinging rainfall which left tears,loss and pain
Cyclone Idai your veracious wave always a heartache
May God intervene, have mercy to humanity as we cry for lost lives



Egomaniac salamanders prophecy sing Armageddon
Ravishing and destroying the populace
With no mercy flames kissing the future
Many lame and stepping in red charcoals of wrath
When the men become the predator of their seeds
It predicts the erosion of humanity, dignity and ethics
Use of force when you should care
Breeds mischievous and crime
When laws are ignored only left with radicalism
You can't give a child stones and expect a thank you
They rebel against you full throttle
When forced to dance stepping on red charcoals
Except wrinkles, shrieks and wriggles
Eruption of babies crying for care
The cries ignored like the whisper of the winds in trees
Total destruction a debt to the core of the realm
Robbed of dreams in daylight
Squashed aspirations stinking dismally
Mamma just a hearsay
Peace and serenity extinct living in mystery



When the elephant falls the world shakes in shambles
Legendary Dr Oliver Mutukudzi, with wit and wisdom
Pioneered the musical industry with vigour
Producer, lyrical accelerando, collaborator and humble
You left a great mark and gap with your interactions
Never self centered and a comforter
Ambassador of peace and humility
A great father full of love
Samanyanga, your melodious tunes always treasured
Like ivory forever unique
An icon, an irreplaceable protagonist
The best ever celebrity out of Zimbabwe

Tuku, you raised Zimbabwean flag high internationally
Born and gone with your signal cough
You left a great legacy
It pains that you are no more
At the same time we are in jubilation
You fulfilled your destined mission
Your vigour was never a mission impossible
Celebrating your life with a heavy heart
Tears may not dry but your music will always live
Salute and honour you Dr Oliver Mutukudzi
One of a kind hero, cherish your sagacity
You are now in serenity and better place with no pain
Rest in eternal bliss and peace


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