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El libro 'GENOCIDIO' en versión trilingüe [castellano–Inglés-Japonés] de Ernesto Kahan y Taki Yuriko

El libro 'GENOCIDIO' en versión trilingüe [castellano – Inglés - Japonés], ya está a la venta. Es un libro maravilloso, tremendo, e importante para todo tipo de público, bibliotecas, universidades, investigadores de paz, trabajadores por los derechos humanos y la paz, maestros, trabajadores de salud, poetas, profesores universitarios, etc. Se trata de trabajo editorial impresionante sobre un libro esperado.

Dos escritores mundialmente conocidos: Ernesto Kahan, argentino – israelí, y Taki Yuriko, japonés; se aproximaron con enorme amor, ciencia y poesía, al dolor terrible que sufrió la humanidad debido a los genocidios del siglo de XX: El Holocausto judío, la masacre nuclear de Hiroshima y Nagasaki, la matanza en masa de los armenios y el hambre en África e Ibero América, etc. Nadie olvidará este libro.


The book 'GENOCIDE' in a tri lingual version is now available. It is a wonderful and tremendous book, important for all the public, university libraries, peace researchers, human rights and peace workers, teachers, health workers, poets, university professors, etc. It is an impressive editorial work of a long awaited book.

Two writers very well known all over the world, one Argentinian – Israeli, Ernesto Kahan: and one Japanese, Taki Yuriko; approached with enormous love, science and poetry, the terrible suffering of mankind during the XX century due to genocides: The Jewish Holocaust, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear massacre, the Armenian mass killing, hunger and starvation in Africa and Latin America, etc.
Nobody will forget this book...!

Some comments about this book:

Bernard Lown, Nobel Peace Prize: -This book […] is a “drop of sun” How appropriate that a Japanese and an Israeli speak with one voice of shared pain. The holocaust and images of Auschwitz meld with the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Ester K. Alter, Holocaust Survivor: -This book is a candle for the memory of the victims and a light of hope for the living.
Minoru Hataguchi, Ex Director, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum: I hope this book will be of great help to abolish the nuclear weapons.
Ittyoh Itoh, Mayor of Nagasaki: -Let Nagasaki be the last A-bombed area through this book.
Luis Arias Manzo, Secretary General of “Poets of the World”: -Ernesto Kahan and Taki Yuriko have gone to the bottom of the abyss for sprinkle of hopes the future of the man.
Maria C. Azcona, Director IFLAC-Argentina: -It is indispensable to read and study this book, to learn from it, to memorize it in schools, colleges and universities. We must recite it in markets, streets and squares.
Hideo Tsuchiyama, Ex-President of Nagasaki University: -A Book That Touches Your Heart
Kyoko Hayashi, Writer: -Two Sides of Humankind. Read it!
Teresinka Pereira, President of the International Association of Writers and Artists, President of the International Congress of the Society of Latin Culture: Just when we begin to question if poetry is truly important enough to make a better world, this book appears to confirm it.
Hangchon Baek Han-Yi, President of HWAAC/WCP, President of World Academy Write Center, The Moon Light of Corea: This publication has special meanings in the light of 'Natural Modernism'. Congratulations to Taki Yuriko and Ernesto Kahan for publishing it.
Rosemary C. Wilkinson, President Emeritus of the World Congress of Poets, World Academy of Arts & Culture: What a revelation and astounding cooperative gesture and so much accomplished and to accomplish. Congratulations!
Maurus Young. Secretary General of the World Congress of Poets, World Academy of Arts & Culture: A book for world peace jointly with Ernesto Kahan, an outstanding poet and a medical doctor who dedicates his life for the promotion of world peace.
Masao Tomonaga, International director of IPPNW.
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