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Alya a Almaliky

Alya’a Jabbar Hafidh Almaliky

National Secretary - Irak

Artistic Name: Alya’a Almaliky  - Birthdate: 4/April/1979. Baghdad - Residence: Iraq-Baghdad

Study and Experience:

I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Design. The year of graduation is 2001. I hold bachelor.

I joined different courses; mass media and radio development Institute, the computer programs of designs, photographing, courses in Global Institute, course of playing music and heavy courses in playing violin.

Field of Working:

1- Between 2001 and 2003, I taught the designs of clothes and fashion in Aish Bu Minyar Institute in Libya, at AljabalAlakhdhar city.

2- Between 2005 and 2007, I prepared and produced programs within the staff of IMN (Iraqi Media Network) in the cultural department of the broadcast of Republic of Iraq. I wrote and produced many radio programs and made many radio Interviews and wrote drama to the radio. I also prepared and produced TV. Programs in the Iraqiya TV. Thus, I took the responsibility of presiding of the cultural department in radio channel one “Republic of Iraq Radio”.

3- Between 2018 and 2018, I worked as a secretary of editor. Then, I became as the deputy of the editor-in- chief of the newspaper “Bain Alnahrain”, “Between Two Rivers” which belongs to Iraq Media Network (INM). I also wrote many articles and journalistic reports.

4- In 2019, I took the responsibility of managing the division of preparing the reports in the Directorate of the Documentary Production. I wrote and prepared many documentary films and scenarios like “at the Stage of Peace”, “Tattoo on the Grooves of Time”, “Flame Cropping” and “signs Series”.

5- Not within the Iraqi Media Network (IMN), I wrote a short film scenario entitled “Decision” which was shown up in the University of Almustakbal in Babel governorate in 2018. I have also new ideas under the process of writing.


1- I participated in the activities and events of the Union of Writers in Iraq within the committees of the Union and artistic cultural associations. I participated also in many sessions and conferences in the field of culture and women rights.

2- I participated in Iraqi and international festivals like Berlin days in 2009 and the festival of the golden poem in Tunisia 2017.

3- I participated in various workshops and activities like the yearly artistic workshop which is hold by Bait Tarkeeb in 2017.

4- I participated in reciting poetry in many cultural festivals in Iraq. I also produced many sessions and festivals and worked with the preparatory committees of the festivals like Babel festival for Cultures and Arts.

5- I played the role of the protagonist in an operetta entitled “One Thousand Tale and One” to play the historical character “Shahrazad”. The play was shown in the Babylon theatre within the activities of Babel Festival for Cultures and Arts 2019.

6- I participated in the music band “Rondo”, playing on the Sumerian sharp in 2019 which was shown in Nanmakh temple in the ancient city in Babylon.


- I’m a member in the General Union of Writers in Iraq.

- I’m a member in the committees of Club of Poetry and Naziq Almala’ekah Forum in the Union.

- I’m a member in the movement of the Poets of the World- the National General Director in Iraq.

- I’m a member in the Counsel of Peace and Solidarity- Iraq branch

- I’m a member in the Iraqi Poetry House

- I’m a member in the Corporation of Artists

- I’m a member in the Union of Journalists

- I’m a member in the Iraqi Radio Union


1- A joint poetry anthology entitled “More than one Moon for One Night”, published by the Union of Writers in Iraq 2008.

2- A poetry anthology entitled “Girdle of Butterfly” was published by the Union of Writers in Iraq in 2009.

3- A second revised version “Girdle of Butterfly” was published by Thair AlissamiAssociation in Baghdad 2018.

4- Women poetry anthology (part one) entitled “Innana Eyes” translated into German was published in 2011 in co-operation with Goethe Institute in Iraq. The (second part) was published in 2019.

5- Women poetry anthology entitled “fremitus of Pleiades” was published by the Union of Writers in Iraq in 2013.

6- A poetry anthology entitled “Voices from Iraq” was published by Inner Child Press in USA in English and Arabic in 2017.

7- Selections from the Arabic poetry translated into Chinese was published in Taiwan in 2017.

8- Selections of the Iraqi women poetry entitled “Raspodiat” was published by Union of Writers in Iraq in 2018.

Many poems were translated into different languages and published in newspapers and local and Arabic and electronical periodicals. 

Many critics wrote about me in broad studies and published in the newspapers.

I wrote many articles in very well-known newspapers and websites like Alsabah and Alhiwar Almutamaddin.

Awards and Honoring:

1- I won competition’s Azzamman newspaperwhich is called Azziz Alsayyed Jassim. The poem was “The Evening of the Stranger” 2009.

2- I won a story competition held by the Iraq Story House. The story was entitled “In Mrs. Excellency protecting” 2008.

3- I won the competition of Tareeq Alsha’abnewspaper. The poem was “Gioconda” 2007.

4- I gained the Sphynx Award for the Distinctive Woman 2016.

5- I participated in the program of “Prince of Poets”, seventh sessions in 2017. I qualified into advanced stages.

6- I gained many certificates and awards in many occasions.


Elegy of a rose

Your heart trned off the lamp and slept

So I didn’t find, for the red rose

A warm place to enclose her


My rose died

Without knowing

Who is she

And who is that one who 

sneaked towards the jungles

to sleep..running away from her


you waiter..who is busy with arranging the café in my depths

stop mewing

since in this night..a sole lamp puts us together

so we sit..drink..nightchat..cry or laugh

lamps here don’t be extinguished

like those in the heart of my beloved one

my love sleep..

since whenever your heart turns off the lamp and sleep

I sneak to the café

.Running away from your night


I want life


Because I want life,

I sing with the voice of a team

Holding my heart,

I chase myself, and win.

That’s how I pass the road..


Because I want life

I freely live,

On the road that soothes my pain,

With a face as clear as water,

Glowing in the night

And making a friend, out of my face.


Like flowers,

I embrace my fragrance

And play with the breeze of passion,

Blowing through my branches

In my hand, there is nectar

to eliminate the fire.





أزهرتْ في أعماقي

سلالةٌ من الياسمين

إستيقظتْ على زقزقةٍ

في متنزهاتِ قلبي

كنتُ أجُرُّ حبالَ الصوتِ

من آبارِ السكوت

ليكونَ الصدى ..

صرخةً ولدتني





كنتُ أصبغُ بالأحمرِ

ستائرَ المنزل

كي أشعرَ بالدفء

كنتُ أمسحُ بالعطرِ

سبورةَ أحزاني  

كنتُ أجفِّفُ ملابسي

وأعصرُ ذاكرتي

تحتَ سدرةِ المنتهى




يراودني خيالٌ

لامرأةٍ مثلي

تُفتضُ شُرفَتُها

فتدخلُ دائرةُ الضوء 

إمرأةٌ مثلي

حُبلى بالشمس 


وأخرى واقفةٌ

على سلِّم أحلامي

تقطعُ تذاكرَ الصعود 

طيرانٌ في رحلةِ أنثى

تكملُ دراستَها

في بلدِ الخريف




خيوطٌ من خُصَيلاتِ فتاةٍ

أنسجُها لأيام الشتاء

المثقلةِ بالنعاس  


وخُصُـلاتٌ لفتاةٍ أخرى

جلست فوق صندوقِ الأغاني

تضغطُ بأصابعها

على أوتارِ قلبي

كاصطدامِ المطر

في شوارعِ الرحيل




سجدةٌ لامرأةٍ مثلي

لا أعرفها

تسقطُ كالغيمةِ

في أوراقي

تزرعُ أزهاراً

من سلالاتٍ أخرى

ترسمني في




امرأة ٌ


صوتَ أغنيةٍ 


   من الفردوس.







كان لديَّ 

بقايا سقوفْ

وبعضُ أجزاءِ سفينة


مُذ عدتُ

إلى الميناء



كان لديَّ

بعضُ شموع ٍ

لعمرٍ متأخرْ


كان لديَّ

بعضُ الثقابْ


يكفي لإحراقِ

ما تبقـّى

من حطامِ السفينة.


 وطن الأقواس


مثلَ الطيرِ توارى 

خلفَ الغيمةِ تيهاً

يبحثُ عن وطنٍ وملاذاتْ


مثلَ الأوراقِ يئنُّ حنيناً

لتعاريجِ الكلماتْ 


يبحثُ عني .. فجراً وحريقاً

يبحثُ تحتَ ضلوعي .. عن خفقاتْ


لا تؤويهِ الطرقُ المملوءَةُ بالناسْ 

لا تحميهِ مساجدُ أو حراسْ


يبحثُ عن وطنٍ .. 

لا يقتنصُ الأحلامَ ولا 

يفترسُ الأنفاسْ


وطنٍ ورديٍّ  

من حلمٍ قزحيِّ الأقواسْ


  * * *

يتدثرُ بي 

مثلَ الطفلِ و في مدرستي .. 

يصنعُ طائرةً من ورقٍ

أو يرسمُ قلباً أحمرْ 


يكتب ُعنكَ كما يكتبُ عني 

أنشودةَ حبٍّ في الدفترْ


يبحثُ عن وطني 

خلفَ جدائل ِ نخلة 

أو تحتَ عباءةِ أمي 

مثلي أو أكثرَ مني 

لا أدري ..! 

    فالحبُ هو الأكثر .


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