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I will stand unclad here and there
Yes! Without clothes,
To show off my muscles,
And my tattoos,
As a part of furious demonstration
Demonstration of searching light of truth
And divulgence everything,
Fearlessness is dying
Gallantness is compelling me to verbalise,
Yesterday, I heard about rape from there
And today, I'm hearing about rape from here
Our women and girls are dying
Yes! Women and girls are crying.
All because of you....yes! You, rapists,
You are abusive and brainless
And you are like throns, weeds in a flower.
All Africa and the world are tired, what you are doing
You are busy demolishing our girls and women,
And looting female bodies with impunity.
Stop! Stop! Stop!....please stop!!
What you are doing.
Here,I'm divulging, who you are
You are like wolves in a sheepskin,
You are human demons,
Demons have no place under the sun.
You are human vampires,
Human vultures have no place on earth.
You are human snakes,
Human vipers have no place on earth.
Your home is the bottomless pit.
Stop! Stop! Stop!.....please stop!!
What you are doing,
Busy constantly targeting our women and girls.
Oh! You look like doves yet bite like sharks.
Stop! Stop! Stop!.......Please stop!!
Raping our women and girls...
You, Rapists.

Capital punishment is waiting for you,
One day i will surely catch you.
Stop.....stop....Please stop, you, Rapists.


"P E A C E K E E P E R S T A N D"

P - Put the placid voice in all warring counties

E - Evince all the positive impact of serenities

A - Annex the creamy peace with lovabilities

C - Create the way of oversitting the calamities

E - Evince the love & harmony quell the strifes

K - keenest psyche always bring the unities

E - Expand the truth which brings the blisses

E - Eliminate the negativity without malignities

P - Plant a huge seed of peace in all countries

E - Evince the lofty love without cacophonies

R - Rise the flag of peace with indefatigabilities

S - Show off an apt resolution to the counties

T - Twinkle all corners of peace by the skies

A - Assiduousness pays the great positivities

N - Notate all places with the beacon of placidities

D - Disallow every warring spirit build its edifices

Abortion is a sin in the presence of our Heavenly father".



Mama,mama,don't let me go
I want to see the world,
I want to see your face,
I want to see my father's face,
I want to see my handsome brothers,
I want to see my beautiful sisters,
I want to see all my relatives
And know everything you know
I want to see the world
Before it change...
Oneday I will be a president
President of ruling the country,
I will be a doctor
Doctor of curing many diseases,
I will be a lawyer
Lawyer of interpreting laws,
I will be a Soldier
Soldier of protecting the nation,
I will be a journalist
Journalist of publishing many news,
I will be a teacher
Teacher of teaching many topics,
I will a pastor
Pastor of preaching the words of God.
Please, Mama don't kill all those my dreams,
Please, Mama don't keep,this dream from me
I want a Chance to breath the air
I want a chance,now Mama,this isn't fair
I want to feel love,sadness and hate
I want my own name,life and fate
I don't ask for much,just to survive
I want to open my eyes and know
I'm a live
I want to change the future to make a better place.
Mama,you hold my life in your hands
Mama,Please take my body and lay it in the ground
Because I'm yours and forever i will be...
Please don't kill me, and
Please, don't let me go




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