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Jerzy Grupiński

Jerzy Grupiński

Jerzy Grupiński  - lives in Poland, born in 1938.The author of 15 poetic books - among others: "The shape of the wave" (debut in 1969), "Still night" (the works written during the state of war), "The poems for love" (3 editions), "The remedy against insomnia" (the collection of the short works), "Your Name" (1999). Since 1970  - 2005 protector and editor of the young poets at the Culture Centre "Zamek" ("The Castle") in Poznań – now it’s: the Culture Centre “Dabrowka”. The author of reviews, feuilletons, magazine coverage and the works dedicated to children.

His works were translated into Czech, Greek, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, German, English, Chinese, Hungarian, Esperanto. The member of the council of Polish Writers Association in Poznań and the editor-in-chief of "Protokół Kulturalny" ("Cultural Protocol"), issued by "Zamek" but now by “Dabrowka”. Last book – “A temptation of a Saint Poet” is the best book of year 2013 in Poland (during commission of Miedzynarodowy Listopad Poetycki in Poznan). In 2005 Jerzy Grupiński and “Arka” - they have got from The International Poetry Translation and Research Centre award for “The International Best Selections of Poems of Year 2005”. In book about Choi Lai Sheung “Choi Lai Sheung’s Prose and Poetry Seen In The Eyes Of International Poets” (compiled by Zhang Zhi), he published essay  in English and Chinese about writing of famous and prominent artist. 


Sny o Potędze                                             Dreams about Power


Coraz częściej                                                     More and more often

wiersz mi pisze                                                   a poem is written for me

ręka Nocy                                                           by the hand of Night

Pisk nietoperza                                                   a squeak of a bat

biała kartka papieru                                           white sheet of paper

nasiąkająca mrokiem                                          soaking up a shadow




Zaklęcie                                                              The Spell


Pachniesz tu                                                                 You smell here

- ciągle nawracam                                                        I return constantly

w tę zwrotkę                                                       to this stanza

jakbyś miała                                                       as though you have

wszyty pod skórą                                                        sewed under the skin 

kwiat czarnego bzu                                             a flower of black lilac




Gdyby kobiety                                                   If women


Gdyby kobiety                                                    If women

przestały mówić                                                 stopped talking

zapomnielibyśmy                                               we would forget

swoich imion                                                      our names



* * *                                                            * * *


I znów                                                         And again

pod połą marynarki                                             under a skirt of a coat

wynoszę trzepoczącego gołębia                            I carry out a fluttering dove

To moje                                                       Is this my heart

czy twoje serce?                                          or yours?




Kołysanka                                                  The Cradle-song


Śpij                                                             Sleep

gdy warkot miasta                                      when the throb of the city

zagłusza wiatr                                             deafens the wind

i kasztany biją głucho                                 and chestnuts beat dully

w szkielet kreta                                           into a skeleton of a mole

pod asfaltową ziemią                                  under the asphalt ground




Owoc                                                          The fruit


Uwierz                                                                  Believe

trzęsie się całe drzewo                                 the whole tree trembles

gdy głodnymi wargami                               when you cover

pokrywasz                                                  a blood-red fruit of a cherry-tree

krwisty owoc wiśni                                              with your hungry lips






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