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Xhemil Bytyi

Xhemil Bytyçi

Xhemil Bytyçi was born in Billushë of Prizren, on 5 January 1941. Primary and secondary school i finished in Prizren, and faculty of Medicine he finished in the University of Belgrade in 1968. Parallel with it, he absolved also in the stomatology at the same university. Bytyçi started to write since he was pupil of gymnasium. Since that time he started to write poems, stories, and plays. During his studies he was active in the literary group and music of known Associate of that time of Albanian Students of Belgrade University, named “Perpjekja”(Attempt). After he finished his faculty, he hase given lectures in medicine secondary school in the city of Prizren. In 1973 he started to work in the Clinic of Urology of the University of Pristina, where he worked until his retirement. Prof. Dr. Xhemil Bytyçi is one of the best known urologists in Kosovo. The specializations he finished in the Hospital “Rebro” of Zagreb.  In 1986 he finished his PhD Thesis in the Faculty of Medecine of University of Pristina with the title “Kontributi në etiologjinë e nefrolitiazës – studim kliniko-epidemiologjik në rajonin e Kosovës” Contribute in etymology of nephrolitase-study clinic-epidemiologic in the region of Kosova and he takes the degree of Doctor of medicine science. Prof. Dr. Bytyçi was for many regular pedagogue of Faculty of Medicine of University of Pristina with the highest degree  - full professor. He is fruitful in pedagogical, scientific and clinical work. He participated in many congresses, seminars and scientific symposiums of national and international character. He has published over a 100 a papers and articles in a specialized magazines for urology. 

As a specialist after his retirement he continued to work successfully the job of doctor in the private clinic “Uropriz” of Prizren and private hospital “Aloka” in Pristina.  

Until know he published four poetry books. First book “Dëgjoj shushurimën”(I listen murmur)was published in 2007, Zjarr i lënë në harresë”(Fire left forgotten)2008, “Fijet e fjalëve” (The threads of words) in 2009, “Rreze Yjesh” (Rays star) in 2010. In 2011 he published the play “Martesa (Marriage), which he has written in 1960. In 2012, with 100 anniversary of the Independence of Albanian, he published the book “Në brendinë e fjalës”(Inside of the word), a 100 poems published by LULU in the USA. In 2011 some of his poems were translated and published in Poland, Warsaw. In 2014 he has published especial book 777 haiku – “Shtigjeve te shpirtit” (Paths of the soul). He has as a manuscript many poems, especially haiku, some stories and four plays.  


Hills of constellation



You have the possibility

To wear

Rainbow fabric

To  switches...


With the Angel wings

Up there

In the kingdom of constellation

To promote love.







Has taken wrong path...


They return back again

Start the way

There where remained

In terms of origin


Oh ancestral roots...


Spiritualize the happy


I had in the baby cradle

In searched to rock

Through waves of time

With lullabies of loneliness



Tears of yore

Of my childhood

Spiritualising the joy.


The eternal light

    For Ali Podrimja


Knight of winds

Of the words

Blacksmith of wisdom

The eternal light

Of Homeland.


Where is your home, sister


Where is your home, sister

Roads that you roam

Your mother holds blindfolded hands

To show  roads to the market...


Gongjia were like a flower

To cut off all

Ring of meat they teared

You los the most value ...


Yiu were clean, sister

Devastated you injureded

Yourself with sand sheet covered.




Yarn of Word on the embroidery thread

In a corner of the sky

Bubble light of humanity

For a point of love.


Nuance unnamed


The rainbow of life to shine

The shell colors

In a colored horizon

Of spectrum


They were nuanced soul

nuanced life

Connected among generations

Who knows how ...



White, yellow,


Red, black,

And now

Reach the nuances


Who themselves never know.





Silent and silent

Frightened by all

That violates the dignity...


Shut only to himself

And the silence turned to squeal


I know that you

Will raise voice

Asking the right

Quietly lost

Restore name and dignity

Forgetting do not let

To cover in silence.


To the gate of goodness


My warmth

And your dreams

For a piece of bread


Me and you

We will remain

To the gate of kindness


It recently covered from the begining

The shadow of poverty

We live just from



We live...


 Cool Drama


Cold dram

With tears fever

Life on lies


Cool Drama

Truth embraced

With silence wishes


Cold drama

With the chameleon face covered

With footprint trumpeted


Cool human drama

 With worries, sorrow fulfilled

To the lack did not believe in evil times.


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