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Ilsa E. Garcia Gonzlez
Puerto Rico

Ilsa E. García González 

Nacida en Aibonito P.R. Tengo un Poemario de autoria nombre : Gentle Touch I con Dorrance Publisher y espero el segundo estrene en el 2015, Participacion en los siguientes libros: Leonardo Guia de Artistas; International Poetry; Whos Who American Poetry; World Poetry Movement; Best Poets.  Scholar Award International Library of Poetry. Fellos Award. Editors Choice Award

site: scorpiogarcia.artelista.com 


A Few Good Man

One day a man walking a street
Start dancing with the trees
As the wind blows the leaves
The man thought of been a thief

Thief of love and truth
Love for the one that made him blues
Truth to reach in his path of life
To find her right to be his pride

He can tell the wounds and aches
Healing upon the scars it takes
Restless night sharing alone
With moon and stars under the sun

Lonely road he use to go
A few good man walk by the road
Gathering with the hood
They were all as well good

Stepping up and stealing time
To bring you the best of this rhymes


Sleeping tight
Early at night
Rolling and rolling
From each other sides

As strangers as can be
Meeting you in just a street
Hoping till the night is gone
To be held in your arms strong

As trouble as might be to see
And catching you before you flee
Couldnt hold just one desire
Just a night to get you higher

Traveling the world at night
Dancing with the moon at light
Trying to find your living sin
Making love is just a scene

The conscious with complicity
Took you into a deep fantasy with simplicity
Where all you see would make you scream
Where all you live is just a dream

Just a Girl

When she was young
She always thought,
How will it be
To fall in love

But time goes by
And so she growth
She flip her keys
Pursuit her goal

Hopeless romantic
She wont let go
Waiting for you
To talk about love


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