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Chung Yun-ru / 鍾雲如

Chung Yun-ru / 鍾雲如

Chung Yun-ru(b. 1956)has been engaging in mass media and social welfare work

quite a long time. Her collections of poetry include “The Tree of Life” Life”, “The Wedding of Dandelion”, “Time after taking Food and Drinks ”, “Seven Strings ”and “No Reason is needed for Writing Poems”, as well as a children book” Not the Same Angel”.




        The Tree of Life / 生命之樹


It seems as though separation in life and parting at death

were falling leaves,

Which covered layer by layer and nourish

the tree of life.


The tree of life

pray keep on growing resolutely.

Don't be afraid of growing tall and being lonely.


The highest tree

will have stars around to keep him company.



 Dell’albero della vita /生命之樹

Sia la vita che la morte portano a dei distacchi
Che, come foglie cadute in autunno
Strato dopo strato coprono e nutrono le radici
Dell’albero della vita.

Oh albero della vita, 
Continua a crescere dritto verso il cielo, non fermarti, 
Non aver paura né dell’altezza né della solitudine,
…Sai, gli alberi più alti
Hanno come amiche le stelle che fan loro compagnia.


        I am happy to think of you / 想到你就高興     


I am happy to think of you

This is the only thing obtainable to me without relying on you


Your smile

glimpse on the face of every strangers

Your innocence

remains in the heart of every plotter

Your shadow

keeps company with every lonely person


I will take a deep breath whenever thinking about you

It shines and reflects the sweet smelling of life

Choosing to gleeful

is what I can do by myself



        Truth /真理的位置  


Fields irrigated with polluted water

Have yielded toxic fruits

The everyman’s eyes cannot perceive it

But his viscera will, silently, absorb those fruits,

one after the other.


If silent to the last

This world will have nothing left to say



Is like the bright mirror you are holding in your hand,

Is feeling the need to gird yourself

and get ready to follow, more closely.


And what truth is revealed, in the end,

Is only the footprints from the steps

of our journey.



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