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Cheng Chiung-ming / 鄭烱明

Cheng Chiung-ming / 鄭烱明

Cheng Chiung-ming(b.1948), an internal medicine doctor, is currently Director of Literary Taiwan Foundation and Publisher of Literary Taiwan. He was the executive secretary of 2005 Word Poetry Festival(Kaohsiung)and 2007 Taiwan-Mongolian Poetry Festival, both held in Kaohsiung. Among his published works of poetry are Songs of the Sweet Potato(蕃薯之歌)and Trios(三重奏).




    Missing /失踪


It is surely no fun

The day you notice my absence.


Soon form the enclosing wall

Someone will release a herd of ferocious dogs

Which run swiftly

Barking and smelling all along

And hunt for me

In the flashlight searching grove.


Who is bawling at the doorway:

With tight surveillance

How can we miss his tracks?

Unless …


It is because I feel so bored

That I want to fool them.

I take a pill to hide myself for a time,

Yet my soul still keeps vigilance.

In the monotonous room

I am not missing.


Sitting on the ground,

I laugh into my heart.

After returning one by one wearily,

They might beat me up

With their stupidity

Upon seeing me.



   My Father / 父親


Father no long recognized me

In the cool autumn afternoon.

When I greeted him.

He simply gazed into the distance



Only after I raised my voice to call him Dad

Did he turn around

To smile to me.


Family members used to chat casually

Since I could remember from childhood

Until the end of the Second World War

When the Japan-bound ship Father took was struck by a torpedo.


Yet Father still sat quietiy

As if hw were listening to a strange story from afar.

It dawned on me that when Father finally forgot the war

Death went after him closely.



   A Name /名字


When I die someday

I refuse

To become a soul without a name.


I wonder

Why I cannot possess my own name.


I wonder

Why you deny my existence.


Please tell me

Who am I ?

Who am I after all ?


Your denial

Is the illusory fantasy of power

That can never prove anything.


I am independent.

I am independent for good.


I simply want to have a name

That really represents my existence.


In the silent night

I can clearly hear Mother’s calling.


                          Translated by Hsu Wen-hsiung



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