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Sladjana R. Lukic

Sladjana R. Lukic

Sladjana R. Lukic was born on 20 June,1970 in Loznica -Serbia. She writes poetry, prose, novels aphorisme etc. She is a lawyer and a translator for German language. She studied in Belgrade, Frankfurt on Maine and Kragujevac. She has published 6 books.

1. Longing-2001, poetry in Serbian and German. You can see under www.amazon.de

2. German grammar-2001 Belgrad, 2010 Berlin. You can see under www.amazon.de

3.Seine-2010, love novel in Serbian and English. You can see under www.americastarbooks.net

4.La Jaconde- 2013 in English. You can see under www.americastarbooks.net

5.English in any situation with grammar-2013. You can see under www.korisnaknjiga.com

6.Sygnals-2014 in English. You can see under www.amazon.com

The book "Longing" was published in Serbian and German. Sladjana has won five literary prizes:

1. Milic from  Macva- for the poem Maestro- Belgrade 1999

2. Orphey 202- for the poems Longing the prize for the best Serbian poet in the European diaspora - Frankfurt on Maine 2000

3. Romanian prize for poems Mona Lisa and Because of your two beautiful eyes- Timissoara 2004

4. The prize for the novel with love theme (not published yet) "Seine"- Knjazevac 2010

5. Cigota-the best poet-Zlatibor 2010

She is the member of the Writer Association of Serbia in Belgrade, Cultural and Artistic Association in Loznica and German association for preserving the German language in Dortmund.

You can hear music composed for her lyrics on www.youtube.com, when searching for her name and name Michael Albin.




What can reach you



My voice is the same

But it can`t reach you,

While I leave a part

Of the passing day behind me

At dusk of the dreary everyday life.


I wonder

How much reliance, strength,

Your own understanding of yourself,

Sinking into the tiniest parts

Of your personality

You need

To the complete understanding.



Do you understand yourself,

Do you explain a part

Or a whole,

How much you would need

In order to understand just the part,

Necessary for understanding the whole.



Do you feel by your senses

Or by the said

That can reach you?


You walk towards me,

But you don`t come,

You talk

I don`t hear you,

You address me

And send words,

But it don`t reach me,

You try to leave,

But your strength  lacks.






When I feel with all my senses

That you long for my presence

That your look carass my face

And the warmth of all your love

Then  with a longing look

I can look towards you


When I see you apart of dreams

My heart will whisper to me

If you are worth of my longing endless.


When I notice the look full of love

And feel the warmth of your heart

Then I will be able to start loving,

And longing will come stealthily

When you feel love through warmth


When a spark shines in your eye

I will see it

Following its trace I will approach to you

And happiness will play over your heart

Moving all your senses


When you start loving  me passionately

Without rest , without any condition

Giving yourself to my arms

Then I will be able to start  longing

Feeling our mutual longing




I   feel



        with touches of

               some new latent eagerness,

                      tangible in your love,

                            I could feel by my senses

                                  in this moment,

                                         accompanied with a prayer

                                                 that came down on me.


Your stealthy,

          skillfully interwoven, hidden

                          and completely unvisible love fluids,

                                        that were toching me

                                                gave me a new sense of my love

 and I could feel

        that I began to love again

               with a new joy

                      and not knowing actually

                              how unexpectedly

                                   or  how long,

                                    with a keen sense of loving a new beginning.


No boundless space would not inhibit any of us,

         Nor any chains would be strong enough,

                  No iceberg

                        Would remain unmelted in ourselves,

                                Not a clump


Would have such strenght,

        To constrain us in our feelings of love

                 That occured in the known moment,

                        Giving us a feeling

                               That only our love, after other obstacles,

                                   Endlessly, unselfishly and emotioally,

                                        Faithfully lasting,  should follow.





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