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Hakeem Adamu Tahiru

Hakeem Adamu Tahiru



Time and space move clockwise

As the world and its people move anti-clockwise

Overtime, men have misplaced what God placed

The world of our time seems more uncivilized than the world of the stone-age

In the abundance of bachelors and spinsters, men marry men and women marry women 

In the abundance of arable land, clothes, security forces and libraries

The world languishes in the pain of starvation, nakedness, insecurity and ignorance

Today, world can afford more weapons than they can produce food to feed its peoples

Tears and blood flow faster than rivers and streams

Fear, mistrust and suspicion have engulfed the world to the extent that men are scared of their own shadows

Greed, selfishness and aggression have ceased the heart of men

Men have thrown peace to dogs and morality to the vultures

Leaving the world in the state of vitriolic violence, crime, delusion and terror

The world has too many questions around its neck

What is the world up to?





My brothers at the far corner

Those among you who like stories of clan

Please, let’s go to the story teller of our clan

Let’s go to the toothless blind deaf old man

He eats tobacco and chews cola nuts with one broken tooth

But he tells fascinating and mind boggling stories

I can hear him whistling out spider stories at the backyard

Please come, come along, come and let’s go and sit on the broken wall beside his armchair

When we get there, we shall touch his walking stick leaning on his upper arm as usual

And he shall start telling us folktales

Cat and dog stories, monkey and spider stories, egg and hen stories,

And then tortoise and rabbit stories

After which he shall tell us the stone-age stories, ancient and medieval stories

And then stories of his time and our time and then our own clan

Do your left ears which like stories wish to listen to him?

If it is the wish of your and I know they certainly wish

Then follow me to the old man

That toothless blind deaf old man sitting behind the backyard under the story tree

Drag not your feet; just come along my brother at the far corner

And let’s go to the story teller





Our hearts are leaking helplessly

Our past glory has gone under caves

Those who carry our brains are developing psychosis

We cannot longer pay rent to landlords whiles our roofs continuously leak

The heart and roof our motherland is also corroding and leaking

The stench in our political corridors is unbearable and sordid  

The files in our bureaucracies are decaying and stinking

Our cooking pot is leaking to fortify the souls of our aristocrats

Those among us, who till the land, reap much but keep empty silos

Now we cry, we grumble, but our common pool is still leaking

Our roofs are leaking; our hearts are leaking, leaking fluids of despondency

Our tears are creeping down our throats to appease our traumatized bosoms

We can no longer sleep with both eyes closed

But those who carry brains are sleeping and snoring 

Our consciences are restless but they keep slumbering and day dreaming

Our hearts and roofs are leaking fluids of pain and agony

Our hearts are leaking to corrupt our blood cells whiles our roofs are leaking to flood our bedrooms

But our sergeants and carpenters are standing aloof and watching





You antagonists of nature

Watch your heads thoughtfully

As you engage in these unnatural propagations in the homelands of innocent flocks of God

The hour of natural tribulation is approaching

Nature would soon descend with His big cudgel

The cudgel with which He taught Sodom and Gomorra a moral lesson

To smash the heads of you antagonists of nature

For overruling divine rules 

And for questioning unquestionable natural norms

You are forewarned, Nature would visit you with the toughest hand

 You propagators of lesbianism and homosexuality


You Antagonists of Nature

The hour of retribution is closing in

The hour of natural restoration and recompense is at the corner

Nature would bring upon your immortal souls, the wrath of God

He would forsake you skeletons who copulate with each other

To undermine the divinity of Nature for the recreation of humankind

Nature would bring with Him, His second-hand cudgel

The cudgel He used on the heads and hanged on the demised shoulders of Sodom and Gomorra

You are forewarned, nature has no place to accommodate all you miscreants

You propagators of lesbianism and homosexuality


You antagonists of nature

Who dare you put two skeletons together to bring forth a new life

When you were brought forth from a clot of blood in the copulation of flesh and skeletons?

You know flesh copulating with flesh is unnatural

You know skeleton copulating with skeleton is unnatural

And you know the visitation of Nature on Sodom and Gomorra was dreadful

You know Nature has no house to accommodate you miscreants

But here you go about and come around to indoctrinate innocent flocks of God

Antagonizing Nature through propagation of unnatural doctrines

You are forewarned, for sure, Nature would descend upon heads with His big cudgel

You propagators of lesbianism and homosexuality

The mightiest tree of Africa has fallen
The tree that shielded Africa from the storms of Europe has fallen
The tree that fortified Africa from the tsunamis of America has fallen
The tree that bears the fruits of pan-africanism has fallen
The tree that casted racial segregation out of South Africa has fallen
The tree that provided shade for all African brethren has fallen
The black Africa iconic tree has fallen with it branches and leaves
The black legendary tree has Fallen decorously on our feet without permission
The only surviving African mighty tree has fallen solemnly
Fallen underneath the bosom of Africa
Nelson Mandela, may your selfless soul rest in everlasting peace!






At last

I can see through the romantic lens

I can see the golden egg rolling

Rolling affectionately, lavishly, gorgeously and gloriously

Rolling beautifully and swiftly to my humble corner

The corner matrimony


At last

The golden egg that sets my heart panting and pumping

The egg the sets my mind spinning between time and space

The egg that created incubators in my dreams 

The golden egg is eventually rolling

Rolling with the momentum of a fired rocket

Rolling to my into the incubator in my humble little corner


At last

In motion is the golden egg

The golden egg with diamond yoke is rolling to me

And sooner than later

I would countered arithmetically among them

Among those men blessed with fully hatched golden chicks





For all this while

I have been searching into the present deeply

Searching deeply to find time

To find time to skim and scan through archives and history vigorously

To Search vigorously into the past to discover the beginning of time

But time is fast moving

Moving into the future


All this while

I have been counting

I have been counting years, months, and weeks

Counting days, hours and minutes

Counting seconds, mini-seconds and microseconds

I have been watching, listening and studying

Watching skies, clocks and watches

Listening to ringing bells, alarming clocks and crowing cocks

I have been studying signs, trends, calendars and seasons

Just to keep up with time

But time, time is swift, stubborn and moving

And moving


For all this while

I have been working, running, and waiting for time

 I have been negotiating, forecasting and celebrating with time

I have been awake, alive and alert to keep up with time

But time, time is swift, stubborn and moving

Moving out of me without courtesy

Time has never been my friend





I from where I sit

I can see, feel and tell

I can tell that life is getting better

The surgeon moment is getting closer

The moment of clear conscience and sublime heart

The moment to tell the sensational stories

The stories that are hatching golden eggs in my mind is getting closer


From where I stand now

I can see, feel and tell

Life is getting better

And the temptation to tell the untold stories is beckoning

The temptation to scratch the itching awesome past is compelling   

But when look forward, I can see, feel and tell

I tell that life is getting better

The cobwebs are turning into electronic cables

The cockroaches in my room are turning into fried red-lobsters


From where I stand now

I can see, feel and tell

I tell that life is getting better

I mirages I used to chase in vain are turning into swimming pools in my courtyard

The glisters I used to chase in my mythical dreams are turning into ingots

The very hands I used to receive are now giving out to society

The naked pain and agony of poverty is fizzling out

Indeed, from where I stand now

I can see, feel and tell

I can tell that life is getting better





My star is rising and shining

All the dark corners are getting brighter

The green leaves and flowery grass are stretching their arms to embrace me

Even though my star has no chlorophyll to nourish them

The oceans are reflecting the hidden treasures of my rising and shining star onto the skies

Of the countryside for all to see

And every caricature and skeleton is happy

Happy to see my star rising and shining





Love is sweet

It gives pleasure

It brings comfort

It brings joy


Love is medicinal

It can heal

It can resuscitate

It can resurrect


Love is sacrifice

It takes your time

It drains your energy

It siphons your blood


Love is life

It gives hope

It brings peace

It is the spine of life


Love is mercy

It can forgive

It can unify

It can transform


Love is pure

Love is just

Love is green

Love is unconditional


But love, love


Love can bring sorrow

Love can be bitter

Love can be sour

Love can breed hatred


Love can be blind

Love can be vulnerable

Love can be slippery

Love can be suicidal


Love is death

Love can cause pain

Love can cause damage

Love can kill






Now the skies are clear

My nightmares are now turning into sweet dreams

I can see my dreams flying among eagles in the outer space like the flag of my homeland

My dreams are now flying to perch on cumulus clouds

The sea breeze is now sneaking through my window with momentum to ventilate my stuffy home

All the cobwebs at the corner of my bedroom

Are now turning into electronic cables

The cockroaches under my bed are no more

The tsunamis in my heart and the waterfalls in my mind are fizzling out

Fizzling out speedily without permission

My dreams are now as white as snow



From where I stand now

I can see, feel and tell

I can tell that life is getting better

The days to tell the untold golden stories are getting closer

My nightmares are turning into swimming pools

The thorns of my flesh are now becoming needles for stitching my tattered clothes

Indeed, from where I sit now

I can see, feel and tell

I can tell that life is getting better

Now the skies are clear



Now the moods are good

Now, I can smile with open teeth

Now, I can tell the truth without forfeiting my lunch

Now, I can sleep with my conscience at peace

Now, when I look back, I see can fulfil my responsibly

When I look forward, I see my progress progressing

When I look right, I see my opportunities coming to embrace me

When I look left, I see my challenges running away from me

When I look up, I receive my blessings from Allah

When I look down, I share my blessings with humanity






As I sat in my little corner that life has apportioned me

I peeped through my window and saw puny little little children dancing ‘chaskele’

Dancing without pantaloons around their tiny tender silky waists

The nostalgia of my good early days began to invade my mind

I began to ponder over my early jolly days when I used to chase butterflies and lizards

When I used hoppers and catapult birds around the countryside with bare feet

I began to recall the warmth of mummy’s love, the ravishing daddy’s caresses

The luxurious back-rides on my auntie's back

And the sensational grandma’s folktales after enjoying lovely dinners on her laps

I wish I were still a child

So I could still climb little walls and jump over little snakes to plug purple-coloured flowers for my mum

I wish I were still a child

So I could still chase hoppers and catapult birds in my backyard

Now I am in my 20s and the flip-side of life has reflected its ugly shadow on my playgrounds

Now there are bigger lizards but I can chase them only in the psychiatric hospital

Now there are more beautiful butterflies but I can chase them only in my hallucinating dreams

Now I crave for love but all I get is self-pity

The nostalgia of the early good days makes me freeze and sneeze





Heih mamma Africa!

Wake up from your perpetual slumber

Wake up and safe your children

Wake up and safe them from being eaten by these global vultures and vampires

All mothers are now nursing their babies and you are still sleeping and snoring?

It is in this sleep that Europe raped you during the colonial days and you gave birth to poverty

Wake up mamma! Wake up and see the Casanovas coming back to milk you dry

Europe and America are back to your doorsteps kneeling down with wedding rings seeking to marry you

They are back to marry you to breed more poverty

 Mamma, see how your kitchen is full of grains and yet your children are malnourished and hungry

Mamma Africa, your children are not happy with the way Europe and America are flirting and molesting you

Mamma, you know your children are fatherless after your divorce with Europe in the 1960s

You know and yet you have been sleeping with your conscience asleep

Heih Mamma, wake up! Wake up!!

Your children are crying and dying of hunger and thirst

They are crying and you are sleeping and snoring nonchalantly?!!!!

Mamma! Mamma! Mamma! .............!!!!!!!





I am eating some cola nuts right under a shea tree

The shea tree right behind my backyard in the savannah

All friends and love ones who cherish cola nuts are invited to join

I have enough cola nuts in a calabash beside me for everyone

I am told the wisdom of the world is found in cola nuts

I have eaten seven cola nuts already and the impact is unprecedentedly amazing

These cola nuts inspire hope, love and peace

Come and eat them with me and your life will never be the same



We are moving on the journey of life

In this journey

God has empowered us

God has empowered us to walk through the belly of the wales 

We are empowered to turn wild storms of havoc into cool breeze of peace

We have the potency to turn burning dried disserts of mirages into lovely beaches of recreation

And the potency to turn terrible wolfs into sleeping dogs

We are one and moving

Moving, conquering, mascaraing and moving

Moving like Vikings and Spartans

Moving to realize the dream

The dream of lives

You can join us if you wish


We are moving and counting

Counting our days, years and steps

Today is the yesterday of tomorrow

Tomorrow is yet another today

Next tomorrow will be tomorrow’s tomorrow

That is how we are moving and counting through time and space

Counting until the last days!

It is an interesting journey

The journey of life!

We are one and we are moving, counting and recounting

Counting and recounting our steps, days and fortunes

And discounting our misfortunes and sorrows

You can move with us if you wish

We moving along the footprints of our forbearers

Carrying our maps, chronographs, compasses and flags

Chanting the heroic songs of our forgone heroes

Reciting the inspirational verses from the book of life

We are moving with smiling faces and upright consciences

We are moving along the narrow path, the path of birth, life and death

The path along which fresh and sweet citrus fruits fall on our palms

The path along milk and honey flow from springs and rivers to nourish our bellies

The path along which summer flowers emit sweet and pleasant flagrance to glorify us

We are moving, counting and recounting

We are counting and recounting our steps, days and fortunes

We are moving on the journey of life

You can join us if you wish 






Words are like herbs

They can heal the wounds of our past, cure the injuries of our present and protect us from the atrocities of tomorrow


Words are like drugs

They can cure, they can be bitter and they can be used or abused


Words are like cluster-bombs

They can explode in our hearts, clash in our minds, and erupt from lips


Words are like artisans

They can paint pictures in our minds, design our intensions on our faces and construct our minds on our faces


Words are like birds

They can live and die; they can fly in the air, across borders and empires without visas


Words are like humans

They can impregnate cowards with fear; they can breed love, hope, peace, envy, jealousy and hatred


Words are like fire

The can burn the guilty, the innocent, the ignorant, the knowledgeable and the vulnerable   


Words are like surfaces

They can be smooth, rough, sloppy, steep, slippery and sticky


Words are like water

They can quench the fire in our in our minds, the thirst of our strangers and fill the calderas in our hearts


Words are like fuel

They can inflame passions, fuel conflicts, burn homes, and cook battles 


Words are like earthquakes

They can trigger people’s limbs wobbling, hearts panting and lips trembling 


Words are like storms

They can blow off our roofs, our hats, uproot roots and gather dust 


Words are like double-edged swords

They can cut from both ends; they defend or injure their beholders, they can be used or abused


Words are like oceans

They can get you drowned; they harbour sharks, whales, and crocodiles    


Words are like language

They can be spoken or unspoken, understood or misunderstood and written or unwritten


Words are like boomerangs

When they around, they usually come around with side effects for the thrower



The season has come

For the anther of sunflowers

To write love letters to the stigma of summer-flowers

The time for harvest of love is ripe

Ripe for bachelors like Valentine

To auction their hearts to spinsters like Valentina

The signals are clear

The harvest has begun

Romeo is up on his feet, in search for Juliet

Jealous hearts are panting

Affections are rising

Pancated faces are charming

Anointed lips are shining

And tattooed bodies are vibrating

Seeking to harvest love before February 14

The season for Valentine, Valentina, Romeo and Juliet is due



The child of destitution

Lives under the agony of perpetual hunger and thirst

All around him are clumsy looks of hopelessness and lifelessness   

On his face, is melancholy sitting on dejection

Dull ambitionless walks of seclusion

Languishing in longer days and longer nights

Walking callously and cheerlessly along dangerous thresholds 

Counting glittering stars and dark clouds

From dusk to dawn

Walking and singing songs of desolation

Walking into the night of despondency

And eventually sleeping upon the broken wall with one eye opened

To keep vigilance on mosquitoes and predators

And his biggest wish lingers in his dreams

The dream to rise before the cocks and the dogs

To guzzle the leftovers behind the chicken-stocked kitchens

The child of destitution




The time is overdue
The time is overdue for Caesar to receive his due
The time is overdue for caretakers to pay their dues
The time is overdue for our cocks to crow 
The time is overdue for our sleeping dogs to bark
The time is overdue for the commoners to receive their dough
The time is overdue for labourer to receive their wages
The wages they laboured for with every atom of their energies

The is overdue for deserving legends to receive their rewards 

The time is overdue for the shareholders to receive their dividends
the time is overdue for innocent victims to receive justice

The time is overdue for the vulnerable to get protection

The time is overdue for hamattan folks to get shelter

The time is overdue for older generations to pay their dues to upcoming generations

The time is overdue                                                           



It all started with serfdoms

Empires swallowed Serfdoms

Kingdoms swallowed empires

Nations swallowed kingdoms

Continents swallowed nations

Globalization is swallowing continents

Where is the world going?





In our lives

There are so many pitfalls to jump over

So many waterfalls to leap over

So many deep bridges to cross

So many potholes jump over

So many synclines,

So many geosynclines

 So many anticlines to jump over


In our lives

We swallow sour grapes

Eat bitter lemons

To keep us jumping over the pitfalls

The waterfalls and the shortfalls

We descend the valleys, ascend the mountains

Cross the rivers and fly through cloudy skies

To plug sour grapes and bitter lemons


In our lives

We have so many ups and downs

So many cold and hot cooking pots to touch

So many far and near journeys to trek

So many gloomy and happy moments to feel

So many dark and bright corridors in our homes

So many mirages and glisters to chase

And so many curves to negotiate in our lives


In our lives

We have so many pitfalls to fill

So many bridges to build

So many rubbishes to gather and burn

So many battles to fight

So many hedges to trim

So many frogs to swallow

And so many things left undone



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