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Floris Abraham Brown

Floris Abraham Brown

Mr Floris Brown was born on the 10th September 1948 in Worcester South Africa. He is a computer literacy trainer for adult blind, partially sighted and sighted people at the institute for the Blind in Worcester, where he is also a tour guide and an In - House trainer of chess, guitar, keyboard and  literacy skills.

Mr Brown is Chairman of the Breedevallei Dichters/Digters (Poetry) Society and has published five anthologies for this poetry society. The latest anthology is TEATER VAN DIE VERLORE TYD – THEATER VAN DE VERLOREN TIJD. He has performed his poetry on SABC2, SABC3, KWêLA-KYKNET, PASELLA, FOKUS, RSG, Voice of the Cape and Valley fm 88.8 as well as at a number of festivals including the Stellenbosch Woordfees, the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees, the Suidoosterfees, Passaatwindefees, Cederbergfees, Chainouquafees, Bloemfonteinse Vryfees, Aardklopfees and the McGregor Poetry Festival June 2013. He has published 34 books of poetry – his latest OP PAD MET AFRIKAANS published by CORDIS TRUST Pretoria CEO Dr Fanie Marais and Editor Myra Lochner:  “Op Pad met Afrikaans is veel meer as 'n gewone publikasie. Dit is die sigbare credo van 'n begaafde siel, wat met sy ganse wese sy liefde vir sy Skepper, sy medemens en die natuur uitleef. Die omvang van werke versamel in hierdie bundel is asemrowend en die raakvlakke wat op vele terreine bewerkstellig is, is indrukwekkend. Tog is Floris Brown, CORDIS-TRUST bekroonde, beskeie oor dit wat hy bereik het en gee hy al die eer aan Hom wat dit toekom” and has poems published in more than 83 anthologies. He visited the Netherlands in 2007 where he performed his poetry and songs in Amsterdam, Boxtel, Harderwijk, Varseveldt, Winterswijk and Nijmegen, amongst other towns. Mr Brown, known as the “troubadour of Worcester” was honoured at Stellenbosch University Wordfest’s Versindaba (poetry indaba) that took place on 23 and 24 September 2011 under the theme of “Roer die snare” (“Pull the strings”). Mr Brown is also a singer, composer and musician. In 1968, he formed a pop group called RESTLESS CHILDREN and received a gold disc for the composition performed by Restless Children called “Until Tomorrow” which sold more than 25 000 copies in 1973. Presently he is a member of the worship team at the Shofar Christian Church in Worcester where he sings and plays bass guitar. Mr Brown has been passionate about chess and has received several awards for Chess including being nominated 1986 SACOS Sports Person of the Year; being named MILLENNIUM SPORTS PERSONALITY in 2000 by the local Radio Station Valley fm; receiving the 2004 Most Promising Sports Personality Award for Chess from the Boland Sports Council; and the 2007 LEGEND Award from the then MEC Whitey Jacobs for Cultural Affairs, Sport and Recreation. In 2001, Mr Brown received the WORCESTERIET OF THE YEAR AWARD from the Rapportryersbeweging; two awards ORDE VAN DIE KRUIK & ORDE VAN DIE GOUE PEN from CORDIS TRUST 2012 and a Merit Award for promoting Afrikaans from the Worcester Rotary Club 2013. Mr Brown is Chairman of the Management Committee of the Worcester Open Air Living Museum; Member of THE FRIENDS OF THE WORCESTER MUSEM; Member of the Worcester Hope & Reconciliation Process; Member of the Nuwe Begin Skuiling; Member of PEN AFRIKAANS; Member of Vriende van Afrikaans; Member of the Afrikaanse Skrywers Vereniging; a Councillor for Heritage Western Cape and a member of The South African Academy for Science and Arts (Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap & Kuns).  

Mr Brown’s motto’s  are  Success lies in the things you left behind from which others can learn. Be there, be on time. Help others at all times and believe in GOD 

Contact Details: Mr Floris Brown; florisbrown@mweb.co.za; 0768601036


Tamed horse

( In Honour of Old President Nelson Mandela

  who conquered apartheid Africa & the World)

© Mr Floris Abraham Brown


dark horse

wild horse

thou fury gone with the ages

once like a fiery orb

your silhouette on the horizon

almighty showed

now, no more…

behold thou thorny heart

with craze in your head

no horseman could tame thee

now you are old

                           You bastard!

                           You master of speed!

                           Strike at me now!

                           You fool!

                           Come-on, hurt me!!

                           Where are thou fury now?

                           Knock my brains in,

                           like you have done to so many

                           mad hunters before

 long I have been waiting for this

your pride,

shattered through my patience

                           come-on Caeser

                           come-on Brutus

                           let me lead thee

                           to my waterhole…

                                                          drink tamed horse

                                                          drink ’till you

                                                          drink no mo…


Mamma Africa is bleeding

© Floris Brown –florisbrown@mweb.co.za


Mamma Africa is bleeding, like never before

Nobody wins, only losers during modern time war.

Mamma Africa is bleeding, babies dies like lightning

Africa’s women, the rock, die clenched fist fighting.

Mamma Africa is raped. Women children stares

With glazed eyes. Their bodies chained. No escape.

Mamma Africa’s beauty, her tapestry is painted

Bloody red. Soldiers shouting: “Watch your STEP!”

Mamma Africa cast her black shadow over African soil.

Her body pierced dipped ripped gauged in Baal’s turmoil.

Mamma Africa bends her head. Silence... Too ashamed of

What new generations will read about her dead?

Dictators with bloodstained hands never stop, nor step down

They cling to their castles, their gold, diamonds and crown


Matarra Fight! You Beast…Fight!

© Floris Brown – Worcester – South Africa



You beast healthy to the core,

with knowledge almighty show

an intelligent human being created by God,

but still, yeah still you’re small.

You’re using your knowledge weak.

Your whole body is sucked with raw wounds,

’cause you hurt, and that’s why they’re hurting you.

Through you the world is jerked off balance,

he totters, to and fro, to and fro,

and then, just only one, yes one stroke

of your martyr’s death, and we’ll topple over.

You too.


Yeah, I know you say you believe in God,

but you are still taking the steer in your hand.

Why, why all this?

You selfish, powerseeking beast!

You’re all that’s black and filthy – too much you want,

and from the weak you force – exactor!

Their lives are round zero’s, only you might reign,

parade and rise above the world-

but hey big brother, wait-let me tell you this:

“You’re going to fall, and very hard too, and

after it all? Favourable for suicide.”


Through your madness, you’re infecting others,

the wise of neighbouring lands are trying to cripple you,

and now the world is plunged into chaos.

Yes now everyone is trying to show their countrymen

that we can become rulers, I am the almighty.

Beasts! That is what you’ve made of them,

like an infectious germ which infects all the others,

so too is your illness, carried on by the wind,

and where it lands, it infects filth,

and there…can you see what we have now?

The world’s intelligent brains rottening.


In you, genii, wisemen,

your countrymen put their trust so high,

’cause only you will bring relief…

but for us,

there is no shelter,

we’re not a nation of the universe, we who must fight,

so through your wrong guidance-

blindfolded we too are made beasts of-

to fight till death with fear to die…

Beast! Fight! Fight! Use your knowledge man.

Either you or me, either we or them fight, fight

in the whirlpool of our ignorance, thus so

to hasten the world’s end…

                                            Matarra fight!

                                                                 You beast! …fight!!!


P-L-E-A-S-E!!!! No more W-A-R-S!!!


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