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Andjelko Anusic

It is said:
He that guardeth his mouth,keepeth his life

and in public squares we
stretched our tongues;like carpets
they were trodden upon by the street scum,
sailed over by septic syntax,
flooded by the balcony vowels;

literates and pharisees wiped their ink-wells
and greasy beards with our tongues
the Judge wiped his hands after the Wash;

the Emperor twisted them into a trumpet,
faithful sweetheart into a corn

and we were easily found
by our enemies


Had it been written
for you to turn the wine into water,
you Inverted Master,
that wet tribe would have shelter now,
the Word of the table presider
would not leak
into the square,
drippings into bedroom,
onto faithful love and the vine's bud;

the street named after the highest saint
would not be the market of tongue flesh;

how much a pound of skinned tounges would not be shouted by the World butcher;

and this glass
might not befall us


Honour especially the first snowflake:
That perfect physical state of sweat
From the back of the tired Creator
Whose creation escapes the black press

[Why ,then , would you be distressed
When the greater ones suffer the same]

Honour the first snow
That happy memory of the World's bride
Who eloped from the black bridegroom

Honour that whisper of Eternity
Perhaps it has been sent to your ear
The message should be understood in time
Now is the chance

Honour that in white and black
That explosion of God's kindness
Which you absolutely do not deserve
The crystal crumbling of Heaven into Hell
The trial of Eternity

That is your trial too


Andjelko Anusic
was born in 1953 at Gradina on Suva medja[Bosnia and Herzegovina].He went to school at his birthplace,at Petrinja,and in Zagreb.He is a poet,a prose writer,an essayist,an anthologist,and a publicist.He has published the books of poetry:Čovjek pjeva na radnom mjestu[A Man sings at His Work Place]Belgrade,1980;Predikatno stanje[ A Predicate Mood],Zagreb,1987;Medjupad[An Interfall],Podgorica,1989;Zimzelen i olovo[Evergreen&Lead],Belgrade,1992;Nekrsteni dani[The Unbaptized Days],Belgrade,1994;Stap od pismena[A Wand Made of Letters],Belgrade,1996;Krst od leda[An Ice Cross],Belgrade,2000;Liturgija za porazene[A Liturgy for the Defeated],Belgrade,2003;Mislis u zlatu,činis u srebru[You Think in Gold,and Make in Silver],Banja Luka,2003;Srebro i tamjan[Silver&Incense],selected poems,Serbian Sarajevo 2004;Pahulja[Snowflake],selected poems,Smederevo 2007[this book is an English-Serbian issue];Slava i poruga[Glory & Derision],Kraljevo,2008;Čudilica[A Book of Astonishment],Laktasi,2011.
The books of short stories:Hrist sa Drine[The Crist from the Drina River],Banja Luka-Belgrade,1996;Priče sa margine[The Stories from the Margin],Novi Grad-Banja Luka-Belgrade,1997;Odbljesci[The Flashes]Banja Luka,1998;Uspomene iz pakla[The Memories from Hell],Banja Luka-Belgrade,1999;Prekodrinčevi zapisci o Kosovu[Notes on Kosovo by a trans-Drina Serb],Serbian Sarajevo,2004.
Novels:Silazak Sina u san[The Son's Sinking into Sleep],Banja Luka,2001;this novel has been translated into English;Adresar izgubljenih dusa[An Address-book of Lost Souls],Novi Sad,2006;Prozor otvoren na visibabu i kukurek [A Window open onto Snowdrop and Hellebore],Eastern Sarajevo , 2010.
An essayist study Mrkaljev lament[The Lament of Savo Mrkalj],Eastern Sarajevo,2002;a book of documentary-autobiographical prose Zagrebačke efemeride[The Zagreb Ephemerides],Sremski Karlovci,2003; a breviary of journalistic texts Da mrtvi i zivi budu na broju[Let the Dead and the Living Be Complete],Belgrade,2002.
Andjelko Anusic has won many literary awards and is present in assigned reading and in anthologies of the contemporary poetry.His poetry has been translated into English,Bulgarian,Macedonian and French.He lives in Banja Luka due to the refugee destiny.



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