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Milica Jeftimijevic Lilic

We do not see in deep hibernation:
Pathological age stretches out fully
Despite borders and peace troops
Hipocrites seek justice in the Hague
'Something's behind. And that's the art of acting'
Possesssed whith an informative fever
We read in The Daily Telegraph:
PATHOLOGY enetered through an open big door
We kept closing the small one in vain.
The irrational is rushing through
Penetrating from the New Continent
A muffled thud is heard
An anomaly-like syndrome at a gallop
And the lack of medicines continual.
Red Cross in conspiracy
Everything's in inversion

Nothing is everything.
An explosion of dishonesty undermines the state system
Levers of morality and ideals have cracked
The whole world waste's imported
The problem of terrorism's polliticaly insoluble,
The news inform us.
Positive impulses stand in front of ramps
Aids destroys the social organism
A sick head is formally upright.
New growths on the world face
Are the fruits of organized promiscuity
Great ability has tiny inability
Everything's sterile to abrogation
They'll destroy borders, nations with a spirit
All that's self-born.
Prophylaxis finally $3>stasizes
Cells are being sabotaged
A song diagnosed:
The world's ill with leukemia of a being
A virus takes to perverseness, too
Etreme phenomena become assimilated
Winter enters summer , man into a best
One annulus another
A contradiction in the system of time
Is a genetic code breakdown.
Self-regulation is disappearing in atmosphere
In landscape, body and carrer
We are unconditionally subjected to a wonder
To madness, mental debauchery
To a cure of rational blunt- becoming
And irrational sustainment
With a certain result.
We regularly practice informative drugs
Collective imagination is endangered
Amok is in the streets, S.O.S. reports
The catastrophe finally comes out of us
Bewithchment with the scene of evil lasts
And is exhibited on measureless canvases
It only has to be chewed well
Swallow it without Sickness
Throw oneself out as starfish its entrails
Since the world digestive system is seriously endangered
Euthanasia is inaugurated due to human reasons
The lack of winds worries us.


We haven't been given the solution
No matter how devotedly we prayed
The enigma's lasting for too long a time
And the curiosity is fading away.
But everything's said in detail
One only has to open up the night -
There's a key for that as well
Then the mosaic is put togedther
Nothing excessive and unnecessary
Pain in particular lies down properly
What wolud be said without it.
Thick skin does not quver.
Meeting the essential we do not notice
And it did not happen
It isn't accopmanied by big bell chimes
But an illusion is great.
When above you
Life starts being performed
Like a sentence applied to a culprit
You comprehend the sense of accusing yourself
Who is to defend you-
You yourself are the executor.


'Well,I'm begining to understand'
New methodos of curing the mind are here
Anaesthesia with long- lasting action
Successfully applied
Nothing hurts but one is freed from everything
From one's name, oneself, the road
The lider determines the direction
One only has to keep one's eyes closed.
'A foreigner entered our skin'.
You don't have to dig
Everything's on the counter
Archaeologists must be taken out
We are not to reverse
Big world is ahead of us
We have to get integrated.
A hamburger under your arm
Simmering is only to follow
Wipe the traces with a 'mgic cloth'
Star sneakers are for silent walking.
Why should only neighbours
We can as well
Why should we dirty our hands sowing
We just have to agree
Maybe not even this -
After all, who asks us?

Milica Jeftimijevic Lilic
, born in 1953. in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia. Master of the philological sciences, vice president of the Serbian Writers Association, Board Member The association of Serbian writers, free artist, a collaborator of many literary magazines. Until recently she was editor of complex projects in Radio Teliviziji Serbia. He is a member of the jury awarding more poetry, prose, and awards for literary criticism.
Published the following books: 'Dark, deliverance, ' Literary municipalities', Vrsac, 1995 [song], 'Hibernate', Land Forces, 'Literary municipalities' Vrsac, 1998. [song], 'Summary of the case, ' Prosveta, 2002. [story], 'Itinerary of the skin', SKZ, 2003. [song], 'The Poetics of foreboding'
'Literary Society of Kosovo and Metohija' [literary criticism], 'bewitchment', 'Panorama - Jednistvo', Pristina, 2007. [poem], 'Epistemological Lighting', 'Little Nemo', Beograd, 2007, [literary criticism], 'realization in the coil, ' Literary Society of Kosovo and Metohija and Raska School, 2010. [song].
Poetry and criticism as it translated into English, French, Russian, German, Hungarian, Turkish, a Macedonian, Italian, Romany and other languages.
He has won literary awards: Gregory Bozovic ';' Lazar Vuckovic, 'Kondir Kosovo girl ', 'Fiery Dragon Wolf', 'poetic Charter', 'Bronze Orpheus. '

She lives in Belgrade in Serbia at: Milica Jeftimijevic Privacy, Dr Ivan Ribar 13/40 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia.




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