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Fatna Bendali
Pertenece a la Directiva

Fatna  Bendali

National secretary - Morocco

Fatna bendali was born in Taroudant city, in the south of Morocco. She obtained:

- a PhD in Literature, major of Literary Criticism, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh.

- a Master degree in Literary Criticism between Legitimacy and Modernization, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh.

- a Bachelor degree in Literature, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Mohamed V University, Rabat.

- a High Bachelor degree in Arabic Language, Faculty of Arabic Language, Qarawiyyin University, Marrakesh.

- a Certificate of inspector in High School Education from the

Training Center of High School Inspectors, Rabat.

- Certificate of Educational Competence in High School Education, High School of Teachers, Rabat.

- Estimation certificates from participation into conferences and seminars.

- Member in Phoenix Academy of Arabic Literature.

- Member in assembly of Literature and Creativity, Oman, Jordan.

- Member in movement of poets of the world in Chili.

Individual and collective publications in which she participated:

- شذرات الرحيق ، ديوان شعر ، دار وليلي للطباعة والنشر ، منشورات جريدة الآفاق المغربية ، مراكش 8002.

- المشاركة في تأليف" معجم مصطلحات الإشراف التربوي"، مكتب تنسيق

التعريب الرباط 8022.

- النظم بين القرآن والشعر في دلائل الإعجاز لعبد القاهر الجرجاني، كتاب نقدي، دار العنقاء للطباعة والنشر ، الأردن عمان 8022.

- تحت ظل النبض، انطولوجيا الأدب المعاصر، ديوان جماعي، دار العنقاء للنشر والتوزيع ، الأردن عمان 8022.

- رمح أخيل، كتاب نقدي جماعي حول ديوان سفر البوعزيزي لنصر سامي، دار ميارة للنشر والتوزيع ، تونس، 8022



Or where Love Dwells!

How can I

Gather myself

After rain showers have sown My atoms in the spaces

Here I am a nymph in your lanes Climbing the threads of the sun, In the seasons of your alphabet My love finds shelter

Night speaks up my secrets

As if its dusk were made of silk Waiting for me every instant

On the string of your palm fronds.

Wind in your lands Captivates my footsteps Driving my temptation high, Dawn in your sky

Seduces my honest words

To imprison me in your oasis,

Ocimum foliates in your cheeks O City of fences and secrets_

City of coquetry, night and day

You shall ever live

In books and lyrics

You are winter and summer’ charm

You are the first matter of Existence

For without your eyes

Atlas Mountains will not stand with

P R I D E.

(Marrakech, December 1st, 2012)



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