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Amel Merdjemak
Estados Unidos
The Child of Kahina

She was
the beam that shone
throughout the cloud
above my backyard.
She was
the Snowdrop that watered
Daisies I planted before.
She was
the breeze from overseas
that made my Bluebird sing
on a Thursday dull.
She was
my water spring when
goodbye-leaves took
my breath away in fall
She made
a braid of Lilies between
Cirta and Kahina
two flowers fallow
nowhere to be found
at all.

I did snuggle on her shadow
as the shade weakens
I couldn't follow
it made me stumble
my Daisies laughed loud.

Out of the blue
in my backyard sole
frost killed my Daisies.

I planted Forget-me-nots.

WP, Non-Extinguishable

Step by step
as chemistry grows on
earth, Venus blows up
in the sky. It looks like
Fourth of July but that's
Willy Pete's birth.

Year after year
dormant under water,
before an impact with
the atmosphere turns
wild Willy Pete that
misbehaves in oxygen.

One by one
smelly shells fall on
playgrounds, deaf
to all creeds, in classrooms
they are found, besides
pinky cribs.

Try after try
a foolish extinguisher
defies stubborn blaze.
The blushing fighter left
in maze, wheezing and void.

Tear by tear
from burn and fear
little Leila wonders
why the spongy aroma
of her mom's bread
turns Garlic-like.

Inch after inch
as Willy Pete digs,
skin, muscle, bone
Leila's body leaves
before her ruby eyes.

Gasp after gasp
virtue vanishes in fumes,
beyond human norms
Leila cremates alive
live on the news:

Speech after speech
Terrorism, War crimes,
Human rights, Criticism
the world passes by...

Face to face
with dark soil, as
Willy Pete devours
her soul, little Leila
will never know
what the blame was.

Price after price
children are there to pay,
remind with smiles they
sacrifice in return of
our minds.


I lie to you, you lie to me
but we never mean to do so.

Like the good looking apple
surprises you as you dig in it
and makes your face frown.

Like when you stop candles
from burning your life,
you make a wish that
the wish itself doesn't know.

Like the book you read
makes your brain cells flip
as you turn the pages,
you find your room so small.

Like when your friend's car
paces over on sunny days;
but at the rainfall,
your phone would cry,
my car broke down.

Like January sun rays,
they warm your face
through the glass,
as you believe in lies
you don't open the window.

Like when you find out
that your heart believes in
what your mind never does
then you think,
Oh! I believed you because
I lied to myself, but...
never meant to do so.

Amel Merdjemak

Married and a mother of three, I was Born in Constantine, Algeria where I was a hight school French teacher. I moved to the US in 1999, I thaught French in high school for 2 years, Now, I am an interpreter and a student at college attending creative writing and journalism classes.



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