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Valeria Manta Tăicuţu

damage quotation

every day I open doors which are
not mine, I say hello to some moving
shadows, sometimes I
recognize them and my adrenalin
climb up to alarming quota, at other times, by
pure weariness, because it mustn\'t pass
through the time without let there a
word milky way, I
put them question about their name, and again
bonjour, mes élèves, bonjour
madame, my lyrical ego laughs and
laughs, scratches with a
long, black unguis like
physics education teacher\'s
long, black unguis of his little toe,
scratches, I tell you, the golden bronze
covering the words surface, so it smells again
wood fireplaces, porcelain damper guarding
l grapes, it\'s autumn, mon cher,
it has been opened the season
of suicides


my black villainous mother
knows I will die and however she
gives my birth, she feels
I know this and even so
she gives my birth, she wants to
throw me off like a sweet cherry
stone, but I
don\'t give up, I don\'t want to
tear of her black fleshes
I won\'t repeat her destiny, and she
bites the air and shouts, tears to pieces
the white lily of light, go, she commands
to me, go, the pattern is for a single person, never for
two, go and defy the great eagle and the
mirror in his beak, go to
the most villainous and black


tabac et vin grivoises revues
à vendre aux évantaires de métal
les acteurs de notr\'vie de scandale
s\'injectent nonchalement des rêves nus
au sémaphore des drogués glacés
se cassent en mille papillon hagards
quand sonne la mort de sa cloche de brouillard
vitrines fleurissent d\'agneaux sacrifiés
des mots lustrés à l\'ombre des salons
soulèvent l\'effronterie sous le gros fard
de tout visage, des masques aux icônes
à jamais éloignée de sa mère et bavarde
la ville antique, Silen à ivr\'couronne
tient en courte laisse tous ses bardes

Valeria Manta Tăicuţu
, poet, prose writer, literary critic, was born at January 20th 1956 in Comăneşti Bacău. She is teaching Romanian language in a Râmnicu Sărat Secondary school, she is the president of \'Valman\' Cultural Association, senior editor at \'Oglinda literară\' magazine, member of Romanian Union Writers. She has been remarked because of her reviews and chronicles published in the literary magazines like: \'Luceafărul\', \'Poezia\', \'Axioma\', \'Oglinda literară\', \'Cetatea culturală\', \'Citadela\', \'Tribuna\', \'Viaţa Românească\', \'Ramuri\', \'Ex -Ponto\', \'Bucovina literară\' etc. She has been awarded with the Great prize at the International Poetry Festival \'Lucian Blaga\', the great prize at Dragosloveni Poetry Festival, Focsani, 2006, the prize for literary critique of Luceafarul Foundation and with the Romanian Union Writers\' prize for the poetry volume \'Baroque Kingdom\' and many other prizes
Until now, she published the novels \'Sentimental slalom\', \'Ten at the infinite power\', \'Herod\'s year\', a short stories volume [\'Monologue for an Indian summer\'], two poetry volumes, \'Read, Ulysses, and cry\' and \'Baroque Kingdom\', a school anthology \'Literary fairy tales\' and \'Unicorn\'s Novel\' [literary critique].



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