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Lida Sherafatmand
Let me carry the waves of love

I'm a child of the earth,
She brought me into life,
The sky above is the father
Protecting me,
The rain drops wash me,
The wind caresses me,
Here is my home,
The life of the universe,

Let me carry the waves,
And the forces of love,
Engraved in us
In union with the universe.

Let me be
In a ray of light,
In a word of care,
In a touch of warmth,
To carry the waves,
And the forces of love
In union with
The universe here.

Lida Sherafatmand
June 2005

Dont give up

They refuse you,
They block your ways,
But dont give up!

They misunderstand you,
They misjudge you,
But dont give up!

They ridicule you,
They misperceive you,
But donDont give upt give up!

Dont give up
For your soul lives
Only with the Light
You carry inside your heart;

Dont give up
For you will kill your soul
Without hope!

Dont give up
My friend,
Until your Light grows
Stronger and stronger,
Until the point of no return.

Lida Sherafatmand
July 2006

To the Colours of Your Dreams

Don't be afraid
To face reality,
Take your pure dreams
As your protection,
Face reality
Until you transform it;

For every abuse,
Grow protection;
For every suppression,
Grow freedom;
For every massacre,
Grow respect for life;
For every execution,
Grow human love;
For every lie,
Grow honesty;
For every cruel word,
Grow tenderness;
For every cruel act,
Grow gentleness,
For every ugliness,
Grow beauty...

Face reality,
Until you transform it,
To the colours of your dreams,
To the scents of your heart,
To the music of your soul,
To the dance of your eyes...

Lida Sherafatmand
September 2007

Lida Sherafatmand
was born in 1977 in Iran. She lived in Malta since 1991, and has been based in Paris since 2006. Her passion for painting started at the tender age of three, although she took up formal art training in 1996 when she was 19 years old under the locally established artist Anthony Calleja. Once finishing her diploma course in Art, she started holding exhibitions in Malta and other countries. Her favourite themes in painting are human rights concepts and peace. She has written an art manifesto for that aim in 2004, called Humanitarian Art Manifesto, which has been translated to several languages and is being launched annually on international level by artists who share the same vision. This is done through simultaneous exhibitions and performances that the artists hold in their respective countries during the month September of every year. In 2005 Lida was awarded the honorary title Ambassador for Peace by Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace, Geneva, Switzerland, and in 2006 another honorary title Love Ambassador by The Love Foundation, Florida, USA. Lida is also a poetess, writer member of Bilingual Writers and Poets for Peace, based in Argentina and the World Poets Society [W.P.S.] based in Greece.



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