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Margaret Mitchell Armand

Margaret Mitchell Armand

Embajadora de Poetas del Mundo en Haití

Margaret Mitchell Armand is born in Haiti where she grew up till the age of 17. She came to the United States and always confronted with the basis principle of racism, inequality and a selected democracy for the rich. Her disappointment led her to the field of Psychology to understand human behavior and to deep involvement in activism where she expressed unpopular concept that freed the human spirit and became involved in political system to discover its attention to greed, power without concern for every human being. She is receiving her PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Her spirit remains high as she became the voice of the underserved in many communal activities. Actually she has pulished in many academics journal, and has been recognized in the 'wall of tolerance' in Alabama as the founding member of the National Campaign of Tolerance. She is also recognized in 'Who :
is who is American woman 2007
Margaret is featured as a board member in the Broward Cultural Council Spring 2004 edition and a board member of that organization. 





Slavery Colonization Miseducation Opression
This is no Haiti's Independence
two hundred years of locked doors
Surviving only to fight or to kill each other
Our ancestors'tears rush down the ocean like brown waters
Reaping through our mountains looking like the back of enslaved Tainos and Africans
Our forefathers
Young Haitian men stand in street corners eye bolloshot from hunger and despair
Children looking like death roading around their swollen belly
Women in agony whatching their children die
Drums beating all nights
Constant rememnder of that place called Africa
How did we get there from here?
Have we forgotten
let us stand agian and fight for our Independence to open wide those doors slammed in our face.

Let our conscience speak

Let our conscience seak
For the trees that are cut to make
the charcoal we are buying using it for our cooking
For the vote we are not casting
helping the politicians that are lying
For the taxes we are not paying
For pawatching the thieves take over
Haiti and selling piece by piece
While our friends are helping in the doing
We are saying nothing
For letting the sick in the filth
For the schools not built and children not the knowing the values of their ancestry
For letting the foreigh not for profit organization
Coming to our homeland and living
Lifestylė of colonizer
while helping their churches buy souls
With second hand of clothes and a few cans of goods
Getting the tax rebate in their own country
While African Vodou religion is persecuted
Our tradition is not respected
We are selling the future of our children
Day by Day
Let our conscience speak
Let it scream
Enough is enough!!!!!!


Soft black Hair around my face'Like the night of an Irish landscape
Flowing like the wind of France in a cool spring Day
I search the unknown
Like a corsican ship in the Caribbean Sea
Fleeting toward the island of Haiti
Incarnated daughter of the African Queen of Dahomey
From the kingdom of Allada
Bloodlines of spiritsrunning
Through my body and my soul
For their mesages of forgiveness and peace

For the Taino that were murdered
in my homeland of Haiti
Where Africans from Dahomey Congo Nago Wangol Niger Senegal Ethiopia Cameroon
endured the horror of slavery
Let's tell them their story and bring forth their courage
Honoring the home we all began
African the birthplace of our humanity and respecting the place we emanated from the light source of the supreme being


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